There are many good books on World War I that will give you detailed information about the war. If you are interested to know about the war, then you must read some of the books mentioned here.

All Quiet on the Western Front

By- Erich Maria Remarque

The author served in a German army during World War I and got injured many times. Here you will find the author’s account of the war. By reading this book, you will know how the army fought during the world and the challenges they faced. It is known as one of the best books on World War I.

A Farewell to Arms

By – Ernest Hemingway

Due to poor vision, the author couldn’t join the army when he was young. Instead, he volunteered to be an ambulance driver in France and later in Italy. The book is about his love story during the war.

The Guns of August

By – Barbara Tuchman

This book is a classic account of the beginning of World War I. The author got the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for it. You will know how the war started by reading this book.

These books will give you a vivid picture of World War I. You will learn many facts about the war by reading these books.