How Soldiers Gambled During World War I

World War I was a very trying time for everybody. The soldiers, especially, risked their lives to fight for the country. The soldiers had to practice drills and do a lot of hard work to prepare themselves to face the enemies.

However, the soldiers had to sometimes spend days after days doing nothing. These periods of ‘doing nothing’ were very frustrating. So, they used to gamble.

Today, you can gamble easily from home. You can win real money with playstar casino. Back then, the soldiers couldn’t go to a casino for gambling. They had their little arrangements to have fun.

They used to play with five cards and the rest of the cards were kept aside. Not all cards were used during gambling. The game was very simple, not as complicated as bridge or other card games of today’s casinos.

Crowd and Anchor was another game that was played often. In this game, a sheet was divided into six squares. There is a crown in one of the squares which is known as a sergeant major.

Another square had an anchor called the mud hook. The other four spaces had hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. The players used to throw a couple of dice and play accordingly.

They used to play Housey too, which is like the modern-day Bingo. During gambling, people cheated too. Someone would come up in the middle of gambling with a bomb in hand and used to pull the lever.

Everyone used to scatter for their lives. At that time, the guy used to take all the gambled money and run away. It used to be a bomb that was detonated already, so there was no chance of blasting.

Gambling was a great recreation at that time for the soldiers. As they were paid little, gambling also provided them with some extra money.