Reasons to Visit the Imperial War Museum

Visiting the Imperial War Museum in London is an educational journey. You will learn about World War I and the dark periods in our history. Here you will find documentation of the biggest wars including World War I.

After you leave the museum, you will be occupied with the thoughts of a different world. It will leave you thinking about how you exist today. Here you will find exhibits from World War I and World War II to 9/11. One of the main focuses of this museum is the wars between Britain and the Commonwealth.

The exhibits will show you the role women played during these wars. Besides various exhibits, you will find free talks and temporary galleries.

The free talks allow you to get answers to questions you might have about wars from someone who has experienced the wars or knows a lot about them. For example, you may interact with someone who survived during the Blitz bombings.

There are interactive displays for the children. Videos, virtual books, and historic games also make the journey to this museum very memorable, educational, and enjoyable.

Throughout the museum, you will see guns, tanks, aircraft hanging, and other things that will remind you of the wars. You will feel as if you are on a battlefield. Permanent galleries include Extraordinary Heroes and Secret War and the Lord Ashcroft Gallery. There is also a Holocaust exhibition that attracts most visitors.

The ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ exhibition is a must-see as it tells you about the horrors of the genocide events that took place. There is a recreation of the World War I trench and reflects that period.

With so many things to see and experience, it is worth visiting the Imperial War Museum. The people of today’s generation will understand what struggles people had to go through during the war times.