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This blog is about World War I. Here you will learn about the events and exhibitions that took place around the world during World War I. These events attract people who have an interest in history. If you have good knowledge about the war, then you can write for our blog.

You can write about various topics related to World War I. This can include writing about the aircraft, guns, and ships used during the war, how the soldiers fought, what challenges they had to face, the destructions that occurred during the war, and more.

People are very interested to know about the artifacts that the various museums have preserved. So, you can write about them. You can take the readers on a visual tour to the different war museums. In that case, you will need to include lots of pictures along with the articles.

We want you to write something unique and plagiarism-free. You shouldn’t write anything that you have published for other blogs or magazines. Your articles must be 500 to 800 words long and have relevant images. If you mention any facts about the war, then you should include the source as we don’t want to give our readers any wrong information.

Avoid writing about controversial topics related to the war and focus on the important aspects of it. By reading the articles, our readers should be motivated to learn more about the war and feel the urge to visit exhibitions, events, and war museums.

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